Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family vacay

Last week we decided to take a little family vacation to Salt Lake before this baby girl comes. We hit up the Jazz game... Lets just say Hunter found his new favorite place!

We stayed in a great hotel that had a little water park in it. Both of my children loved it :)

The next day we hit up an aquarium in Sandy. It was so cool if you ever get a chance to go do it! We couldn't get a picture of Hunter's face because he would not turn around!

We went shopping and ate way too much! My favorite part! I can't help it the baby wanted everything it saw ;)


Making brownies!

Few shots of Christmas!

Hunter studying with Dad

Thanksgiving family reunion!

For Thanksgiving we rented a house and the whole Kempton gang got to meet up in Heber City! It was the best! I wish I had more pics but what do you do. Here are a few of the professional pics we took.

This is a sad attempt to get a pic with all the kids together....right

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mud and tractors

Don't you hate when you try to fix your blog but then you keep making it worse... I do. Anyways I will get to that later. Just wanted everyone to see why Hunter is in heaven.

Jeremy has been taking him to work. So basically he rides in a tractor and plays in mud...so I am pretty much his least favorite person when I pick him up to take a nap.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Gotta love the random picture post

Well here they are the random pictures that are worth posting

a little sunglasses with your yogurt

Gotta love the bent back ear

He wore them for like 2 hours

My nephew Kade wearing his Nanna's glasses

The cabin!

First tube ride with mom


John Deere!

This little face I get to see every Monday and Tuesday while her mom goes to work. My newest niece Kaitlyn!

The first step is accepting you have a problem

Well I might as well just come out with it... I have an irrational fear of mice. There is one dead in a mouse trap in my living room that I refuse to touch so Jer will have a nice surprise to come home to tonight. This is the 3rd mouse encounter I have had in the past 2 days and Jer has had more that he said I didn't need to know about.

Well 2 cans of Lysol spray, Clorox wipes and bleach later I am still hiding in the other room of my house blogging. No I cannot sleep until its gone and I can sanitize the area it's been dead in for 5+ hours. Let's just say that I will be dreaming of those creepy beedy eyes for the rest of my life. Thanks Jill for the text of the pictures of that bleeping mouse.

Well now you all know...I am Meredith and I'm a anti-mouse aholic. I'll let you know when I am clean and sober of them.

Idaho state fair

We love the fair... But really we love the fair food. Hunter was all about the animals. He loved feeding them and tried to eat a few himself. Good thing I have cat like reflexes :) let's just say there was a extreme case of hand washing and real food.

Please tell me you think Jer looks like a walking advertisement for John Deer too!